Sunday, November 16, 2008

AVG tags Adobe flash component as a malware

Users of the popular AVG antivirus product reported on the company's support forum that an Adobe flash component had been detected as a generic password stealing Trojan. This was caused by a faulty definition file that was pushed to users on Friday and followed a similar incident that occurred earlier this week, when the product wrongly identified a Windows component as malware and "cleaned" it.
According to user reports, the antivirus identified the flashUtil10a.exe file as Trojan Horse PSW.Generic6.AQPD. The file is actually an Adobe Flash Player 10 utility, which is used to automatically check for updates and also see if the player has been properly installed. AVG has not commented on this new incident, but according to a forum moderator, the problem has been fixed. Other users reported that the problem only affected version 8 of the antivirus product, while users of version 7.5 did not encounter the issue. However, since this information was not confirmed by AVG officials, it should be treated as such.

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