Saturday, November 24, 2012

Employee History Record Maintanance - For C#.NET windows forms beginner

Application Handles employee history maintenance with a limited scope. Application suits for a firm where company has several sites and employees are working on different sites time to time. Lets this working period of time as a duty point. The employer is eligible to find out the details of specific duty point of a employee and his/her duty point history. Application Suits well for a beginner who willing to learn insert, Update, Delete, Search operations in C#.NET programming with MS Access database connection.

Download a sample from below link.

Application Uses a Access database. Below screen enables to enter employee details to the system. Records can be saved using the save button and once you clicked on a row on the grid record is enabled to be edited.

Once the employee is added then you can add the duty points of the employee by double clicking on a row. Updating is enabled similar to the previous screen.

Advance filtering is enabled for employee duty points through below screen.

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