Thursday, February 7, 2013

Role of JEE in Enterprise Application Development

The JEE platform represents a single standard for implementing and deploying enterprise applications. During its first two years, the JEE standard's success has transformed the marketplace for distributed computing products. This success is largely due to the fact that the JEE platform has been designed through an open process, engaging a range of enterprise computing vendors to ensure that it meets the widest possible range of enterprise application requirements. As a result, the JEE platform addresses the core issues that impede organizations' efforts to maintain a competitive pace in the information economy. Organizations have recognized this and quickly adopted the new platform standard. The JEE platform is designed to provide server-side and client-side support for developing distributed, multitier applications. Such applications are typically configured as a client tier to provide the user interface, one or more middle-tier modules that provide client services and business logic for an application, and back-end enterprise information systems providing data management.

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