Thursday, February 7, 2013

Role of .NET in Enterprise Application Development

The Microsoft enterprise application development platform is a comprehensive platform for building connected systems based on the .NET Framework. The .NET Framework provides a cohesive and comprehensive development environment, as well as a core runtime that enables effective deployment, operations and management of enterprise applications. The .NET Framework and the Microsoft enterprise application development platform, however, was not designed for a homogeneous enterprise. Microsoft based its application platform strategy on the support for industry standards and the understanding that enterprises need the ability to integrate with existing infrastructure and applications, and may desire to select elements of their platform from other vendors but have them easily integrate with .NET-based applications and packaged products from Microsoft. .NET fully enables Web services, which are fundamentally designed around pluggable services that allow interoperability with other systems. This strategy not only allows companies to create robust, scalable, and interoperable applications using current technologies, but positions users of the Microsoft enterprise application development platform to build service-oriented applications today while preserving their investments in existing platforms. 

The core elements of the Microsoft enterprise application development platform are depicted in the above diagram. 

As depicted in the diagram, the Microsoft platform is comprehensive and integrated, with a solution at every level of the technology stack designed to be programmable via the common .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual Studio® development tool, and easily integrated via a service-oriented architecture. The platform supports all client types, inclusive of smart devices such as PDAs and smart phones, smart clients taking advantage of the processing power on desktop PCs, and thin browser-based clients based on HTML.

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