Thursday, February 7, 2013

Services Provided by SPRING Framework

Spring AOP: 
Spring does not need Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) to function as a framework. AOP enhances the Spring middleware support by providing declarative services. The declarative services can be used as replacements for the EJB declarative services used in CMTs. The EJB "declarative services" are provided by Spring using the "declarative transaction management service." Transaction management services are based on the spring transaction management, which will be discussed next. 

Transaction Management: 
Spring provides a simple programmatic transaction management API. Spring provides support for both declarative transaction management and programmatic transaction management. Declarative transaction management is used in EJB container managed transactions (CMT) and programmatic transaction management is used in EJB bean managed persistence. Additionally Spring can use transaction management to avoid the use of EJBs where not required. 

Data Access using JDBC: 
The org.springframework.jdbc package provides all the JDBC related support required by the application. One of the interesting interfaces within this package is the SQLExceptionTranslator. The translator can help in providing translations from the very common and generic SQLException in to something more specific and informative. SQLExceptions are too generic and cannot provide any great information that can be passed back to the user. Spring’s wrapper (SQLExceptionTranslator) can implemented specific to a vendor and can provide informative error messages, which can be sent back to the user 

O/R Mapping 
Spring provides integration with OR mapping tools like Hibernate, JDO and iBATIS. (For information on Hibernate see resources below). Spring provides very good support for Hibernate. Spring augments the power of Hibernate by providing support for Hibernate sessions, Hibernate transaction management and other features in Hibernate.

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