Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to perform Email Campaigning for a Website

For your online business to get succeed you need traffic from targeted sources. While you are performing the SEO tasks you might also focus on performing a  Email Campaigning for some targeted users.

So what you do in Email Campaigning is write a good description about your business and send it as a bulk email to users in your email list.

After you have sent the the emails you need to know whether the users viewed your website through the appended link on your email body. In that case you can use Google Analytic to find it out.

Below are the steps to perform a Email Campaigning with Google Analytics.

  1. Go to Google URL Builder and generate your URL.
  2. Now add the generated URL in your Email Body.
  3. Send the mail.
  4. After about one day go to your Google Analytics account.
  5. Go to Traffic Sources -> Sources -> Campaigning 

Now you'll see the visits to your site through the link that you have added on the Email body.

NOTE: Google Analytics pull data at 21:00 GMT (17:00 EDT, 16:00 EST) for the previous day. All times are based around GMT, so if you send something around GMT and are in a different time zone, it is likely that no data will show up for what may seem like 2 days to you.

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