Saturday, October 29, 2016

What is Oracle Data Mining?

Oracle Data Mining is powerful data mining software embedded in the Oracle Database that enables users to discover new insights hidden in data. Oracle Data Mining helps find patterns in data, identify key attributes, discover new clusters and associations, and discover valuable new insights. With Oracle Data Mining, everything occurs in the Oracle Database—in a single, secure, scalable, platform for business intelligence.

Data mining and Other Tools 

Query and reporting tools;
-  help you to get information out of your database or data warehouse. These tools are good at answering questions such as “Who purchased digital cameras in the past 3 years?”

OLAP tools;
-  go beyond this and allow users to interactively “drill down” into the data for summaries, comparisons, analysis, and forecast (technically, simple extrapolation forecast). OLAP is good at drill-downs into the details to find, for example, “What is the average income of digital camera buyers by year by region?”

Statistical tools;
-  are used to draw conclusions from representative samples taken from larger amounts of data. 
- statistical tools are useful for finding patterns and correlations in “small to medium” amounts of data but fall short when the amount of data begins to overwhelm the tool. 

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